Basic Tips On Buying Sporting Trophies

Posted on: 30 November 2015

Trophies are a good way to reward players and teams following friendly or competitive sports activities. You can choose to issue general participatory trophies or only stick to the best performers, depending on the ages of the players. Generally, it can get a little confusing deciding what trophies to get for which players or teams. Below, find a few tips that will shine light on this predicament and help you get the right rewards for your intended beneficiaries.

Customize the trophies to each sport and player via design and engravings

First, have the trophies customized to reflect the sport involved, be it soccer, chess, basketball, cricket, netball, wrestling, etc. This helps make the trophies feel more fitting to the players. If you have several sports involved, customizing the designs makes the participants feel the difference in the sports as each group gets something different. For specific players or teams, you can customize the trophies further by having them engraved to show the winning position, the name of the beneficiaries, the name of the team, etc.

Match trophy sizes with the sizes of the players

Another good tip to observe when getting sporting trophies for large groups is to try and ensure proportionality in terms of the trophy sizing. While all the beneficiaries deserve to get a trophy, you can make each award even more fitting by making sure it's proportionate to the person receiving it. You can easily accomplish this by ordering trophies in different sizes. The younger teams get the smaller sizes while the older players get slightly larger sizes. Of course, make sure all players of the same team get similar trophies to avoid inconsistencies.

Use different colours to differentiate between different sports or teams

Another way you can customize your sporting trophies some more is by using colours. You can have different teams or different age groups get trophies with slightly different colour designs just to show some differentiation. This is a good alternative where you do not want some to get larger trophies than others. You can also use colours to differentiate between different sports.

Spare cup trophies for top winners

Lastly, remember that cup trophies hold more prestige as compared to standard trophies. In that regard, spare cup trophies for top winners, such as best performing players, or overall winning teams in the championships. You can also choose to issue cup trophies specifically for teams while issuing individual players medals instead of smaller trophies. Again, this will help create more differentiation between the awards, ensuring each retains its significance.

Upon ordering your trophies, either in person or online, your trophy manufacturer will help you narrow down the right selections for your needs in terms of sizes, designs, material, colours, and any other custom additions.